Spirit of ’68

This is a new spontaneous experiment. The working group “Spirit of ’68” emerged spontaneously from a discussion at the third TINAG -This Is Not A Gateway Festival in autumn 2010 on the events in and around 1968, in Paris and elsewhere. The question was why this promising social movement did not have lasting effects, and whether there were lessons to be learnt for our current turbulent times in London and elsewhere.

Spirit 68 at leisure  source: Judith Ryser

Spirit 68 …hard play

We started to read up about what had happened in the late sixties and early seventies in Europe, the United States and elsewhere and revisited movements like the Situationists and essential writings of Henri Lefebre on the urban question and the right to the city. We have been invited to make a contribution to the forthcoming Volume 3 of Critical Cities, Ideas, Knowledge and Agitation from Emerging Urbanists and are preparing an event for the forthcoming fourth TINAG Festival, 23-25 September 2011. http://www.thisisnotagateway.net/

Spirit 68 at work

Spirit 68 …hard work…


  1. richard wrote:

    hi ive reblogged this on the So68 tumblr site

  2. judith ryser wrote:

    Just attended the book launch of Critical Cities Volume 3, Ideas, Knowledge and Agitation fro Emerging Urbanists, on 9 October at the Royal Festival in a public commons. Like the previous two volumes it was published by Myrtle Court Press.

    Spirit of 68 has been selected for an article in this book: “Resistance, then What”, reflections of the Spirit 68 Group (pp 224-239). Different from a conventional article, the piece is a discussion between Richard Carter, Romeo Delacruz, Cristina Garrido, Ana Povoas, Judith Ryser and Martin Slavin about why ’68 did not turn into a revolution and what the 2011 student demonstrations could learn from those times. According to Spirit 68 already ’68 was about social and spatial justice and how to mobilise it. What is the role of opposition, protest, provocation or resistance with the help of social media when facing mega-interventions such as Olympic games, with reference to Barcelona 1992 and London 2012? And where to go from here?

  3. judith ryser wrote:

    Most importantly, the Critical Cities books are based on the festivals organised by Tinag, This Is Not A Gateway . Deepa Naik and Trenton Oldfield are the energy behind these festivals. They have edited the books and written the introductory essays for Volumes 2 and 3.