Open Cities, British Council: Introduction

Open Cities: Judith Ryser ‘official blog’ – introduction

The British Council has invited me to write a blog for the website they set up on the Open Cities project initiated in 2006 by Chris Hickey, Director of the Madrid office. Eight cities participated in this innovative project and presented their findings at an international conference in Madrid in 2008. Greg Clark had edited the book Towards Open Cities based on the initial findings.  After a successful conference the participant cities won a bid to continue the project under the EU research programme URBACT II. Belfast became the lead city and four more cities joined the project.

Details and activities can be found on the Open Cities website where my blog can be found as well.

The reason for reproducing the posts I am writing on Open Cities here is that there is not enough space on the Open Cities website for all the pictures I had included. The posts are reproduced with all the pictures here. The hot link brings you directly to the Open Cities website and their is a link back to the Urban Thinker site.

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